The Scott Spark 700 Plus Tuned — A Review of My Favorite Mountain Bike Ever

Winter in the desert is unbeatable

I own too many bikes, and I’ve ridden many more. For riding on the trail, I’ve found a new bike that may replace every other trail bike in my quiver — the 2017 Scott Spark 700 Plus Tuned.

In my first week first week with the Spark Plus (over Christmas break), I spent nearly 100 miles on it—whether the trails were technical (Zen, jumps on Barrel Trail, and technical sections on Barrel Roll) or flowing (gravel on Green Valley and hero dirt on Sidewinder and the Rim trails), the bike performed flawlessly and I found myself having more fun on a mountain bike than I’ve had since, well, maybe ever.

Is this the best mountain bike ever built? I haven’t ridden them all, but I’ve ridden more than I can count. The design, engineering, suspension, plus-tire platform, and groupset combine to create an amazing machine that I’d feel confident taking on almost any trail anywhere. The engineering will leave you thinking you’re on a longer travel bike, but the efficiency and light weight (my bike [a large] with trail pedals, 2.8” tires, sealant, and a dropper post weighs in right at 27 pounds) will leave you feeling like you’ve upgraded your engine. More speed with less effort may or may not be the definition of efficiency, but the Scott Spark 700 Plus Tuned is definitely the definition of fun.

For the full report (with pictures and nerd-talk about geometry and groupsets), read my guest review for Contender Bicycles on their site: The 2017 Scott Spark 700 Plus Tuned Review

If you have any questions at all about the bike, I would be more than happy to help provide answers. Give me a call (614-580-1411) or send me an email.

Get out and ride!