Saturday Morning Drive

With Ali and the boys out of town, I used Saturday morning to take a fall drive through the scenic hills of southeastern Ohio. I awoke at 5:00 am–not atypical for such a drive. The nightstand, however, wanted me to stay home.


I cleaned up and looked for a bandaid, but could only find Noah’s “Finding Nemo” bandaids, which I figured the country folk would like–a city slicker driving through the country with a bright orange fish bandaid on his forehead.

I headed out and hit the hills at dawn.

Pre-Dawn Bimmer

Hocking Hills Region Country Scene

I made it all the way to Athens, drove around Ohio U.’s beautiful campus, and headed for Lake Hope. I wish my iPhone would have told me that the path it chose involved 8 miles of dirt road.

Country Dirt Road

That road was a great choice for a Bimmer/Beamer, and I’m sure the gun-rack laden F150s and spoiler-sporting, off-road Camaros didn’t think twice about it.

I didn’t take that picture, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to see something like that deep in southeastern Ohio.

I made it to Lake Hope, enjoyed the scenery, and headed home.

Lake Hope