Restaurant Reviews

Last night we went to Spagio which, for whatever reason, sometimes gets a bad rap. We decided to try it anyway and really liked it. We had chicken and spinach ravioli (with vegetables and a pesto sauce) and a pork chop (with chipotle vinagrette, mashed yukon golds, apple-jalapeno chutney and blackened tobacco onions). The food was excellent, the service was prompt and unobtrusive and it is only two doors down from Jeni’s. Perhaps our experience was a fluke, but we will return and try it again–it was very good. Spagio: Recommended.

This morning we went to Tasi, which is somewhere I have wanted to go for a long time. Tasi Rigsby (Kent, who runs one of the best restaurants in the city, is her husband) is the restaurant’s namesake, and given the restaurant’s pedigree, I had high expectations. Breads and pastries are prepared by Eleni-Christina Bakery (another Rigsby endeavor), and all of the food is prepared with fresh, local and high-quality ingredients. The chocolate croissant (or pain au chocolat, if you prefer) shown above was perfect (and generously-sized), and the french toast and sourdough pancakes were incredible. Like I said, I had high expectations–and my expectations were exceeded. If the food is similarly good after a couple of more visits, it may get an asterisk on my list. For now, Tasi: Highly Recommended. (As always, more pictures on my Flickr.)