Return to Salt Lake City

The time between our announcement of our departure and the date of our departure was short and we therefore missed doing some things we would like to have done and said goodbyes to those whose friendship we have appreciated over the last 5.5 years. The day after Thanksgiving, Ali and the boys flew back to Salt Lake, and after dropping them off at the airport I headed downtown to take a few final pictures. I will miss this sight:

Columbus Sunrise

The first day we drove from Columbus to Hays, Kansas. The only nice view of the day was during our stop at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis–the clouds temporarily broke just as we arrived.

Gateway Arch

We were fortunate to hit most of Kansas at night, but were unfortunate (after I-25 and I-70 were closed) to hit all of Wyoming during the day. I don’t recall seeing a single non-human planted tree between Kansas City, MO and Park City, UT, but Wyoming did have some nice clouds.

I-80 in Wyoming

The movers dropped off our mountain of junk today–now we just need to find a home in which to put it. You can see five more pictures at my Flickr.