The Ohio State Fair – 2008 Edition

Ever since our first visit in August 2004, I have begged Ali to accompany me to the state fair. People watching, among my favorite pastimes, is as good at the state fair (any state fair) as you will find anywhere, perhaps second only to those events in which people, wearing shirts with numbers and brandishing the Confederate flag, watch people driving cars capable only of left-hand turns. A nice day in the mid-80’s, and a promise to Noah the night before that we would ride on a large slide and pet goats, helped coax Ali back to the state fair–her first in four years. Below are some of the highlights (some from this year, some from years past). Be warned that the following photos are snapshots without artistic merit, except for the varied stories they tell. A couple of more photos are available at my flickr.

Let’s start off with a personal, normal photo. Noah enjoyed the rides and petting the animals.
Ali & Noah on Ride

I of course took time to enjoy some fine fair food (here, chips from a single potato, shredded with the aid of a power drill).

I couldn’t resist this sign (and the potential damage the items listed on it could wreak on my cardiovascular system). Note the sign above the lady’s head which pronounced this year’s new deep fried item–a deep-fried PB&J.
Good Eats

A deep fried Snickers, covered in powdered sugar, is as much a kick in the chest as it sounds. I had to sit down after finishing it. Never again….
Deep Fried Snickers

The fair demonstrates to the youngsters all of the elements of success–a carney who is smoking who is pregnant.
Trifecta--smoking, pregnant, carnie

This is a motley crew. I love the hand-knit black tanktop, the black “fanny-pack” underneath the translucent cut-off, and of course the motorized scooter–a staple at any state fair and everywhere in Florida I’ve ever been.

The amount of dreck/kitsch for sale at a state fair always amazes. I could use the mummy coffin just like I need a laundry ball.

I always enjoy celebrity sightings. I’m quite positive this guy is Doc Brown from Back to the Future. I was too slow on the camera to get a picture of him from the front, but the black socks really tie together an otherwise drab outfit.
Doc (seen Back to the Future?)

This is some fair food I just couldn’t bear to try. I love the ingredients (mashed potatoes and roast beef, mmmmmmmmm), but the name and the sign ruined it. Not sure if that is a tomato or cherry on top, but neither have a place with the aforementioned ingredients.
Almost recalled my chips when I saw this sign

And of course, as previously mentioned, the best thing about the fair, is the people-watching. Not sure who told her this outfit was acceptable in public. People who have just eaten deep-fried candy bars and “roast beef sundaes” are watching–please don’t increase the likelihood of upset stomach–it’s already far too high.
Skimpy Clothing

Looking forward to the fair again next year. Thanks for reading, and if you recognize yourself in any of the above photos–know that your mom is probably proud of you.